2018 Small Business Week presentation
2018 Small Business Week presentation

Since 1993

The Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce

We are a non-profit, voluntary organization working together with local businesses to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of the capital region.

We are made up of members from the local business community and we are guided by an elected board.

Our membership year runs in line with the calendar year but you can join anytime during the year. Membership for the 2021 year is $250 for established business and part of that fee supports startups with a free one year membership.

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The Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce is a business network, a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses in the capital region.

If you are doing business or planning to do business in the capital region we highly encourage you to become a member and take advantage of the member benefits. Learn More


We have a number of key events throughout the year like our Breakfast Speaker Series, Small Business Week, Shop Local, and our newest networking evenings held quarterly. Learn More

Business Advocacy

When you run into issues as a business who can you call? The Iqaluit Chamber advocates on behalf of business in the region. Often it is laws, bylaws, or other decisions that may be harmful to business. Learn More

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